Yes! The thought of being in a “group class” can be intimidating, so we do our best to keep our classes timely, organized and well supervised. We cap our classes at 8 - 12 members depending on the "workout of the day" so we can give everyone the best hour of their day. We follow the training motto of “mechanics, consistency, intensity” - we want to teach you to move well, maintain those mechanics through the workout before you can try to go faster. Safety is our ultimate goal in order to keep you willing and able to live a happy, healthy and exciting life outside of the gym!
Yes! What are your goals? Looking for a big lift? Have a sport or competition you need some additional help preparing for? Maybe group class just seems like too much too soon? No matter what your goals are, one on one training has you covered. Meet your coach for a FREE intro session to talk about your background and goals moving forward so we can make a plan to help you succeed!
There's no one plan for everyone. Let us help you find a plan that will work best towards your personal goals.
We welcome everyone to "drop in" for a wod (workout of the day) to any of our available classes. Please sign up via the link below and a member of our coaching staff will reach out to welcome you!
Absolutely! See the link below and remember to surprise them we wont tell!