We believe in Fun, Fitness and Friends!

Here at The Fitness Garage we welcome anyone and everyone no matter your current level of fitness or goals. We don’t train just one way, we do everything, we train for life. Life is your biggest challenge, train to succeed!  

If you are new to working out don’t worry, everyone is nervous at first and we’re here to help! Our Foundations course is a fantastic opportunity to learn the basics in a small (1-3 person) group setting so you get more one on one time with a coach to help you understand the process and goals behind each movement we do.

There is a “why” behind every workout. We train for life which is what we call “GPP” (General Physical Preparedness). Each and every person who walks into a gym has a goal in mind and that is to be “better” which might be at a specific sport, hobby or maybe you just want your day to day life to be less strenuous. We can help, what YOU do in here will help you OUTSIDE of the gym each and every day. There’s nothing better then when an athlete comes to us weeks later and says something like…

“My husband laughs when I do laundry now, I send my hips back and down with my back straight to pick up the laundry!”  

It’s called functional fitness because it translates to everyday life.  We take all the thinking out of working out, no more walking into a big space and wondering “How does that machine work?” or “What body part will I work today?”

Every workout has a specific goal in mind. 
Time: How long will we workout today
Volume: Reps, calories, etc. Typically low, moderate or high
Loading: Light (typically body weight), Moderate (something you can complete large unbroken sets of which is also repeatable) and Heavy (low to single reps which may also require rest to repeat)
Skill: Low (pull ups), moderate (kipping pull ups) and High (muscle ups)

Goal: Sometimes the workouts are “for time”, “for reps”, “for max load”
Every day is a fun new opportunity to be challenged and to learn something about yourself.
Regular classes are run on the hour. You are welcomed by your coach to start the Warm up (this is an easy small amount of work to get your heart rate up and get the joints loose and ready for activity). Then we will meet at the whiteboard to address the workout of the day “WOD”, your coach will brief you on the wod and we will review the movements and scaling options (tailoring the workout to your ability).  Next is WOD prep, we will take some time to build intensity or loading depending on the goals of today's wod.


3,2,1…..Go! You are off and working out guided by your coach, they are there to keep you on track, safe and help you reach the goals of the workout. You’ll sweat, struggle, laugh (oh yes everyone has jokes!) and get in a great workout for the day.

With 15-20 minutes remaining, we’ll wipe down and put away the equipment, then record our scores for the day. There is always an option for some “Accessory work”, cool down stretching or mobility. This is an option and you are always welcome to just take a few minutes to relax and recover or chat with fellow members.
Coach will round the group up and ask everyone about their thoughts on the workout before we let you out for the day.

“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.”
Walt Disney

The hardest part truly is walking through the door… Come meet our team and join in with some members for a workout. What do you have to lose? Your first workout is free, drop in first if you just want to talk with a coach and see what we have to offer. Feel free to reach out to us anytime with any questions, we can’t wait to see you in class!

Ryan & Leah
The Fitness Garage